Stability of the Internet?

Tim Langdell, PhD langdell at
Fri May 18 20:16:12 UTC 2001

And the addition of new TLDs would cause instability because ....? I am not
sure I understand your point. And also, who said anything about setting up
new roots? There are a host (sorry for pun) of ways of introducing new TLDs
without adding new roots. For instance the New.Net approach and the addition
of new ccTLDs and the addition of new gTLDs via ICANN/DoC (.biz, .info,
etc). The core question remains, why would the addition of a new TLD per se
(that is, in and of itself) lead to or be possibly likely to lead to
"instability" of the Internet?


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> Whether you agree or not, I'd of though that the issues of stability or
> rather the problems created with setting up new roots was very obvious to
> anyone of a technical background?
> Example 1) Most of the Internet resolves one set of addresses, a subset
> resolves a different set. Like dialling a phone number and it ringing a
> different person depending on which phone company you use.
> Steve
> On Fri, 18 May 2001, Tim Langdell, PhD wrote:
> >
> > There has been much talk of the introduction of new TLDs -- either new
> > ICANN/DoC ones or those of the likes of New.Net -- affecting the
> > of the Internet. And yet so far on all the lists, not just this one, I
> > not seen a single example of how the "stability" would or could be
> > by such introductions. Can anyone give me even one example?
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> > Tim
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