Stability of the Internet?

Tim Langdell, PhD langdell at
Fri May 18 15:56:54 UTC 2001


Yes, I was asking specifically about "stability" (with a request that
someone perhaps try to explain what that might mean other than a term to
scare people with) rather than "compatibility".  BTW, I don't think ".house"
is a TLD ;-)


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> >There has been much talk of the introduction of new TLDs -- either new
> >ICANN/DoC ones or those of the likes of New.Net -- affecting the
> >of the Internet. And yet so far on all the lists, not just this one, I
> >not seen a single example of how the "stability" would or could be
> >by such introductions. Can anyone give me even one example?
> it's not the stability. it's more the compatibility.
> there's a large difference between the icann and tld's
> which are being introduced. to be blunt, everyone (okay, not
> everyone) uses the same root servers to identitfy what zones
> to serve. i'd be suprised to see if anyone had any issues with
> the introduction (besides the heinous registration lottery) of the
> icann accredited tlds, it's more of an issue with when your
> customer can't email his girlfriend at lolita at because
> you're not serving dot house.
> but please, if this thread continues, maybe let's stay on topic
> of the operational sense (if there are stability issues) and not
> relive the threads of the past (compatibility).
> >Tim
> -ken harris.

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