Stability of the Internet?

ken harris. ken at
Fri May 18 15:31:41 UTC 2001

>There has been much talk of the introduction of new TLDs -- either new
>ICANN/DoC ones or those of the likes of New.Net -- affecting the "stability"
>of the Internet. And yet so far on all the lists, not just this one, I have
>not seen a single example of how the "stability" would or could be affected
>by such introductions. Can anyone give me even one example?

it's not the stability. it's more the compatibility.

there's a large difference between the icann and tld's
which are being introduced. to be blunt, everyone (okay, not
everyone) uses the same root servers to identitfy what zones
to serve. i'd be suprised to see if anyone had any issues with
the introduction (besides the heinous registration lottery) of the
icann accredited tlds, it's more of an issue with when your
customer can't email his girlfriend at lolita at because
you're not serving dot house.

but please, if this thread continues, maybe let's stay on topic
of the operational sense (if there are stability issues) and not
relive the threads of the past (compatibility).


-ken harris.

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