80/8, 81/8 Allocated to the RIPE NCC

RIPE NCC Staff ncc at ripe.net
Fri May 18 12:27:12 UTC 2001

Dear all,

This is to inform you that the RIPE NCC has recently been allocated
the CIDR blocks 80/8 and 81/8 by IANA. The RIPE NCC is currently
starting to make allocations primarily from 80/8. The minimum
allocation size made by the RIPE NCC in these address blocks is a /20.

** If you use prefix based filtering in your routers, please note this
change **

This has been announced previously but may not have reached all
affected parties. We sincerely apologise for this.

For a complete list of all /8 address blocks, please refer to:

Kind regards,

Nurani Nimpuno

| Nurani Nimpuno                     |
| Registration Services Manager      |
| RIPE Network Co-ordination Centre  |
| http://www.ripe.net                |

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