ARIN, and reservations?

Chris Kilbourn kilbo-list at
Thu May 17 15:43:43 UTC 2001

At 10:43 AM -0400 5/17/01, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
>An interesting note; has anyone else been assigned non-contiguous space
>when the contiguous block had been 'reserved' for you?

Yep. Same issue here.

>For instance, we were assigned 64.21/17 about a year ago, with 64.21/16
>reserved (we were told). It was then extended to a /17 + /18.
>We went to get more, and now we've got some other /19 (they haven't
>actually assigned it).
>The point is, if 64.21/16 had been reserved, as they had said was done,
>today we'd only be making one announcement; 64.21/16; instead, we have to
>announce a /17, /18, and a new /19, or three times the announcements.
>On a grand scale, or even a moderate scale, three times the announcements
>is a significant amount.
>Any comments?

In our case, our original registration (/19) was well over a year ago for
our /20, and ARIN's documentation does state that the space is not
held longer than that. We were literally in the process of asking for
more space when the other side of the /19 was assigned to Napster.

Luckily, Steve Rubin, (thanks again Steve, I still owe you dinner
and drinks!) was very kind and after several gyrations on our part
with ARIN, we were able to swap /20's to end up with a contiguous /19.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we were being boneheads and using
addresses in the reserved space under the mistaken assumption that
since we were being allowed to advertise the whole /19, and had intent
to use it, and were going to ask for the other side, it was OK to use
that space. Not so.

It would have been nice if ARIN had dropped an automated note to the
effect of, "Hey, you've got x months to apply for this space before we
re-assign it."


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