ARIN, and reservations?

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu May 17 14:43:02 UTC 2001

An interesting note; has anyone else been assigned non-contiguous space
when the contiguous block had been 'reserved' for you? 

For instance, we were assigned 64.21/17 about a year ago, with 64.21/16
reserved (we were told). It was then extended to a /17 + /18.

We went to get more, and now we've got some other /19 (they haven't
actually assigned it). 

The point is, if 64.21/16 had been reserved, as they had said was done,
today we'd only be making one announcement; 64.21/16; instead, we have to
announce a /17, /18, and a new /19, or three times the announcements.

On a grand scale, or even a moderate scale, three times the announcements
is a significant amount. 

Any comments?

PS: as an aside, as anyone else noticed ARIN continually, over the last
year or so, making the allocations smaller and smaller? Our first
allocation ever was a /17; now we get them in chunks of /19's. Does ARIN
have any interest or care in the size of the global routing tree?

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