Swipping /29's /30's and singles..

Hunter Pine hunter at compuhelp.com
Tue May 15 14:19:21 UTC 2001

No, don't SWiP /30's or /32's. ARIN won't even accept them.


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> > s/larger/smaller, you mean?
> >
> > I actually haven't SWIPped a /30 myself - I was referring to John
> > statement implying that he has successfully. I have SWIPped /29's,
> > however.
> I just got done SWIPing all my /29's /28's and larger. Should I be
> SWIPing /30's (.252) as well?
> I know ARIN says /29 is required, but is SWIPing /30's considered
> good practice? What about singles? (/32)
> It sure makes hooking a whois server into my customer databases sound
> interesting. --Mike--

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