People who purchase unproven technologies to support their Business, and whine about it. RE: To CAIS Engineers - WAKE UP AND

Gerry gerry at
Tue May 15 04:08:35 UTC 2001

At 16:44 5/14/2001, bmanning at wrote:
>         Two of the most novel and low-cost colo sites that have been
>         announced to this list are:
>         ) the un-heated, no existing electrical, mind the hay, cows,
>           and various other flora & fauna - Barn in northern Utah.
>         ) the trunk of a Buick RoadMaster (supports wireless mobil
>           access and its own power generator!)
>and then there was the call to revamp MIR, before its untimly demise.
>as with your bandwidth selections, your colo milage will vary.

Lets not forget the parking lot outside the Apple conference room that has 
unencrypted access to 802.11b for free...

Towing and long-term power may be a problem, but for short term access.....


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