2 Wire T1 - HDLC

John A. Tamplin jat at liveonthenet.com
Tue May 15 00:34:50 UTC 2001

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Hunter Pine wrote:

> Actually, you're wrong.
> I suggest you go to www.paradyne.com and do a search for the DSL Sourcebook.
> It'll be on the top of the list of hits. Fill out their little form and look
> at Chapter 3: DSL Basics. The third page down or so, the section is "HDSL
> Enters the scene". It clearly states that HDSL is a 2 circuit system, 4
> lines.

I have two HDSL lines coming into my house, each carrying a separate T1.  
I have 4 pairs going from the NIU to my wiring closet, with 2 pairs being 
POTS and 2 pairs being the two HDSL/T1 lines.  Each HDSL line takes only 
a single pair, since as the second one was being installed the bridge 
clips were pulled on that pair and the first one was operating quite 
happily all the while.  If you go to the URL I gave you, you will see that
the HDSL2 RT modules give full-rate T1 access over a single copper pair.

Perhaps the confusion is over the HDSL2 standard.

It would be nice if you would bother to read the reference I already gave
you before you tell me I don't know what I am talking about, especially 
since I have the device in question installed in my house and I ran the 
wiring to it myself.

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