Next-hop Reachability on ATM NAPs

Reid Knuttila Reid.Knuttila at
Mon May 14 21:24:09 UTC 2001

NANOG members,

I have a question to the group regarding how best to avoid blackholing
routes to peers on an ATM NAP when using route servers.

There is a case wherein my peering partner and I both have active PVCs to
the route servers, but the PVC between my peering partner and my router is
down. Thus, we both see routes from the route server with each other's IP as
next-hop, but since our direct PVC is down that next-hop is no good.

It'd like a way to automatically and efficiently detect loss of next-hop and
discard routes accordingly. Are folks generally using OAM keepalives, and if
so, any parameters for OAM interval time and dead/alive count that seem


Reid Knuttila
Network Engineer

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