PSI, CAIS, etc..

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To support what Lee said, I got a notice today from Internap:

Internap has determined that PSINet does not meet the service and quality
requirements for Internap Service Point connectivity providers.  For this
reason, Internap will be removing PSINet from our border fabric.  PSINet 
will be accessible via our Service Points over our other connectivity   

Internap network engineers will be removing PSINet from our border fabric
on Monday, May 14 after 22:00 local time. Impact to customers connected  
to the service point will be limited to a brief period of route

Please direct general questions regarding PSINet's removal from
Internap's border fabric to your Internap sales account manager. Please
continue to direct questions of a technical nature to the Internap NOC.


Krista Horstman                         EMAIL:  noc at
Senior Manager,  Network Operations	NOC: 	(206) 256-9500 /
Internap Network Services			(877) THE-INOC
Two Union Building                      OFFICE:	(206) 441-8800

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The impending doom of PSI has been a foul stench in the air for quite some
time now -- how many of you still rely on PSI as your primary (or only)
uplink provider?  
Whether your connection is a T1 or a xDSL, you will likely run into problems
similar to what mr Palmer did -- botched cutovers, etc.

Maybe its time for the few of you to look for a new uplink provider.

I was almost a PSI customer.


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