People who purchase unproven technologies to support their Business, and whine about it. RE: To CAIS Engineers - WAKE UP AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS

mike harrison meuon at
Mon May 14 12:06:57 UTC 2001

Hunter Pine:
> You are aware that a good percentage of the T1's you purchase nowadays are
> just a pair of bonded 768 dsl lines, right? The phone companies have been
> doing that for over 20 years to save on copper.


Just for starters: HDLC circuits run on different voltages, have timing
and a bunch of other characteristics that xDSL never heard of. 
We are seeing BellSouth run 2 wire T1's, which have been working well so
far. Still not DSL (approx 900mhz over POTS). --Mike--

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