10 gige experience

Gordon Cook cook at cookreport.com
Sat May 12 03:21:35 UTC 2001

For those interested in easy access to the complete summary --
This material may now be found on my web site at


>re gige:
>As long as we're discussing reading material, the July 2001 Cook report
>contains two good interviews on Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) with Howard
>Frazier [ex-Cisco, now-Dominet] and WorldWidePacket's Jonathan Thatcher.
>10 gige is discussed sporadically throughout, along with three variations of
>outside plant (Ethernet over UTP, P-P Fiber, and P-MP Fiber PONs, or EPONs)
>with implications to the greater 'Net's backbone, and other architectural


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