Connectivity from 60 Hudson to NYIIX

Mike Leber mleber at
Fri May 11 04:25:44 UTC 2001

On Thu, 10 May 2001, Randy Neals wrote:
> Trying to decide if that is a workable alternative to dropping a router at
> NYIIX and using a conventional
> telco circuit.

As exchange points go NYIIX is one of most cost effective out there when
measured by participants per dollar spent.  Ports are cheap and gige is
available at nominal cost (relative to other major exchanges).

It may be worth your while to get a cabinet there as Telehouse's policy
for cross connects is one of the most customer friendly out there: there
is a one time charge for cross connects.  If you compare that to the local
loops you might otherwise need in the future and would be able to
eliminate, that alone might make it worth it.


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