10 gige experience

Greg Maxwell gmaxwell at martin.fl.us
Thu May 10 15:12:21 UTC 2001

On Thu, 10 May 2001, John Fraizer wrote:

> > Anyone know any good articles on 10GB ethernet? I am specifically
> > intrested if they have removed some of the legacy requirements that hamper
> > gigabit ethernet (such as a default MTU of 1500, half-duplex, etc.)
> Half-duplex?  The last time I checked, my GigE equipment didn't default to
> half-duplex.

No I wouldn't expect it to, nor did I state anything about defaulting to
half. There is no purpose for half-duplex in GIGE, even the few GIGE hubs
I've seen are buffered and user congestion control to allow full duplex
operation.  The possibility of half-duplex mode just adds unneeded cruft
and additional failure modes.

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