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Wed May 9 19:04:04 UTC 2001

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Jim Dixon wrote:

:China's use of the Internet is skyrocketing.  People in China 
:understand that the common language of the Internet is English, and 
:they are learning it.

Actually, the common language of the Internet these days, is the language 
of whomever has the largest consumer demand, and the means to pay for 
your services. Given the trade agreements in the works, I think Babelfish
will be bigger than Yahoo in a few years. 

In the unlikely event people start to see communication as something 
other than a transaction, we would see some balance in the languages 
people spoke. Unfortunately, it seems language is also at the ridiculous
whims of The Market(tm) too. 

If you really want to stop the attacks coming in from CN, tell your vendors
they have 6 mo's to provide you with a well written and tested product, or
you are switching everything over to OpenBSD. ;)

Reluctant Ninja
Defective Technologies

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