black hat .cn networks

Steve Sobol sjsobol at
Wed May 9 22:09:06 UTC 2001

Jim Dixon wrote:

> There is a strange assumption underlying what you are saying here:
> Chinese people can't learn English.

Is it "can't" or "don't feel the need to"?

I don't think it's "can't."

It is horribly USA-centric to expect everyone to speak English,
get pissed when they don't, but not at least attempt to speak others'

> China's use of the Internet is skyrocketing.  People in China
> understand that the common language of the Internet is English, and
> they are learning it.

But there is nothing that requires them to learn English. Your attitude,
at best, smacks of provincialism.

> In fact if you run down a list of RFCs, you will find that a
> remarkable number have authors with Chinese names.

I'm sure there are plenty of Chinese people who speak fluent
English. That doesn't mean they should have to learn English
to enjoy the Internet.

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