Network Simulation and Measurement Software

dave o'leary doleary at
Wed May 9 21:40:25 UTC 2001

At 01:27 PM 5/9/01 -0700, Sean Donelan wrote:

>I hate html mail.
>18 months ago, I asked about network modeling software and everyone
>pointed me to WANDL.  It is an interesting package.

yes, but not exactly freeware :-)

If you are prepared to go down that path ($10's-100K), there are
also some others, OpNet, etc.

A good place to look for network tools is the CAIDA taxonomy
(maybe it will save you time from publishing your own web page):


>Everyone had
>their set of gripes with it, but it seemed to be the best available.
>I changed jobs shortly afterwards, and didn't get to do much with it.
>On Wed, 09 May 2001, "Wojtek Zlobicki" wrote:
>I need to evaluate what is out there in regards to
> > network simulation and modeling software.  I am especially 
> interested in
> > freeware that will run on Linux.  However, just about any 
> application will
> > do.   I will compile a list of all the responses I get and 
> will be
> > publishing a web page with this info (part of a larger research project 
> I am
> > doing).  I need software that will allow me to see how different
> > applications react to different network/protocols conditions.  I 
> would like
> > to create a system that would allow any application to be tested in a 
> controlled
> > environment

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