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Jim Dixon jdd at
Wed May 9 20:28:18 UTC 2001

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Shawn McMahon wrote:

> There are four choices:
> 1) Try to get China to pass a law requiring it's citizens who administrate
> Internet systems to learn English.
> 2) Block all access to your systems from China.
> 3) Type English at them loudly and slowly.
> 4) Try to communicate with them in Chinese.

In fact there is a simple variant of your third option: send clear,
coherent messages in standard English.  I think that on the whole
you will find that it works wonders.

There is a strange assumption underlying what you are saying here:
Chinese people can't learn English.

You are wrong.

China's use of the Internet is skyrocketing.  People in China 
understand that the common language of the Internet is English, and 
they are learning it.

In fact if you run down a list of RFCs, you will find that a 
remarkable number have authors with Chinese names.

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