Northern VA CATV systems

RJ Atkinson rja at
Wed May 9 17:24:08 UTC 2001

At 11:34 09/05/01, Curtis Maurand wrote:

>It was my understanding (several years ago) from a 60 Minutes special done
>on Fairfax, VA that they had built an all fiber system (Fiber to the
>house).  They had built it on a Video on demand system and a pay as you go
>(That was experimental).  I'm not sure whatever happened to that.  I do
>know that it was largely experimental, but was supposed to be state of the
>art.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

        I live in Fairfax County and have for most of the past
decade at least.  If there was any fibre-to-the-home system, 
it was not done by the CATV folks.  Media General owned the 
CATV system several years ago; Cox bought MG's Fairfax system,
perhaps ~18-24 months back.  While some surrounding areas 
(e.g. Alexandria, Arlington) have real HFC, they don't have 
FTTH from their cable company.  No one I can find here has 
ever heard of an FTTH that went to any of their neighborhoods
and there certainly isn't one now to my neighborhood.

        So if an experiment was here, it was never county-wide
and hasn't gone production.  If it was production and county-wide,
it was someplace else.

        I do know of places with fibre-to-the-curb, mostly in
Sweden, but also including Palo Alto CA and a few other US

        This is pretty far off topic for NANOG folks, lets
please have followups be private rather than on-list.



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