Instant chats and central servers

ken harris. ken at
Wed May 9 03:15:43 UTC 2001

>         ConferenceRoom ( The SSL implementation was 
> good enough
>for some folks in Maryland.

it's good enough if you feel like dropping minimum half a grand
for the windows version, or eight hundred for the unix flavor.

oh and if you want the encryption module thats an extra thousand.
but that can only be applied to the version that will run you five
thousand dollars in the first place.

for chat david? c'mon. not everyone is ted turner.
especially when (last time i checked) most of the code was just
the dalnet ircd (the old one mind you, not the one [bahamut] that
jason referred to). stick to the free versions guys.

chat shouldn't be that expensive.

>         DS

-ken harris.

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