black hat .cn networks

David Charlap david.charlap at
Tue May 8 21:54:53 UTC 2001

"Bryan C. Andregg" wrote:
> John Fraizer wrote:
>> The story I read had it as two individuals.  The not-so-bright one
>> who had access to the bank and the bright one who designed and
>> built a device to put inline at the bank.  The device diverted the
>> equiv of pennies per transaction that passed through it to a bank
>> account that the two had set up somewhere.  It was a brilliant
>> scheme.  They screwed up by trying to withdrawl huge amounts of
>> money at a time.  THAT's what got them caught.
> Isn't that the plot to Superman III?

Yes.  There are allegedly several instances of this happening.  It is
unknown which (if any) of these are actually true:

-- David

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