black hat .cn networks

mike harrison meuon at
Tue May 8 20:26:05 UTC 2001

> My russian friend tells me that anyone operating a russian network should
> have at least a basic understanding of english. Even when I sent them
> complaints in russian, they responded in good english.

Off topic a bit: Sometimes their english is better than mine. 

On one occaision dealing with some weirdness from a .ru domain, 
I found a local ex-navy russian translator and he helped
me formulate an e-mail and responses that got some problems
dealt with. Maybe a list of multilingual network operations
people would be useful... and some standard boilerplate
in the required languages and character sets. I would want to
have the verbage triply checked to make sure it would not be 
mis-understood in the foreign language and cause a major incident.


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