Cable & Wireless "de-peering"?!?

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Tue May 8 02:09:48 UTC 2001

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>This is especially true if you consider traffic exchange to occupy more
>than two points on the spectrum than just Free---Paid Transit.

Using this statement as a hopping off place, and not trying to
contradict you in any way as I largely agree with you.

I think what it comes down to is that you get the best connectivity for
the lowest price.  Considering in the price calculation the ability to
maintain that connectivity.  Radical thought, huh?  :)

Seriously though, IgLou has transit with and  Given our
size, we really aren't actively considering any other transit
connections at the moment as our current setup meets our needs.  That
being said, if anyone has a great deal on transit...don't not call
because we're not actively considering it.  :)

What I am looking into some is peering relationships...usually fairly
small scale given the scale of IgLou's network.  Particularly at this
point we're considering it primarily with setups that are predominantly
content sources, as we're predominantly content sinks, and this is the
best way to get the most bang for the buck in our peering, by peering
with networks that predominantly source content rather than sink it.

I probably will not get more than one or two significant peering
connections at present, however, because the cost and effort of
maintaining them would outstrip the benefits.

It all comes down to cost-benefit tradeoffs.  If you have more transit
or peering connections that you can keep on top of for maintenance and
scaling, then adding more will likely end up degrading your network.
I feel that IgLou is at that point for transit, but could still benefit
from peering connections, and that's really the only thing on my plate
that I'm looking at currently.  If/when we get a couple of peering
connections, then there will be enough that I won't be able to keep on
top of them and I won't add anymore until we grow our resources to be
able to manage them better.

Its really just not all that difficult of a concept to grasp.

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