HR 1542 [OT, anti-BS attempt, US]

Jeff Mcadams jeffm at
Mon May 7 21:50:40 UTC 2001

Also sprach Fletcher E Kittredge
>If you can't tell the legal difference between the above cases, I
>recommend you stay out of this discussion.

The legal arguement comes down to.  The cablecos are a monopoly, period.
They are abusing their monopoly position to leverage their way into a
new market (as an ISP), period.  That's a clear violation of
Clayton/Shermen, period.  The only way that the legal differences apply
is if there is regulatory oversight, then the regulations are supposed
to prevent these abuses.  Without the regulatory oversight (which most
of us agree are weak or non-existent), it becomes a clear
Clayton/Shermen violation.

Regardless...this has little or nothing to do with H.R. 1542, which is
still a crappy bill and needs to be smacked back down the Bayou where it
can get eaten by a croc (not that I'd wish that on the croc!).
Fortunately, Reps. Cannon and Conyers seem to have a clue.  Support
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