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Mon May 7 16:54:30 UTC 2001

It is so easy to get side tracked ...

I do not work for the cable side of Adelphia. I do have a little
experience in working on the local politics of cable in my home town.

Most cable television franchises are regulated on the local level by
municipalities. Each city created franchises based on the wish of the
local city government. In some cites the cable company has a monopoly,
some not. The cable contracts are from time to time up for review in
some cities. If you have a problem with way cable is done in your town
or city, then you should get involved in local politics.

The ILECs love to have people complain about local cable because it
keeps the  public from focusing on HR 1542 and other efforts to avoid
opening up the sale of unbundled elements before they are allowed to
provide inter-LATA services.

At 11:41 PM -0700 06-05-2001, Roeland Meyer wrote:
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>>  Adelphia is not a regulated public utility, that's the difference.
>Yes, and a number of us look at their "exclusive" agreements, with many
>municiplaities, and have been asking why they are not a regulated monopoly.
>Those contracts are as anti-competitive as it gets.

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