Cable & Wireless "de-peering"?!?

John Payne john at
Mon May 7 05:57:58 UTC 2001

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 02:27:37AM -0400, Daniel Golding wrote:
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> And now, to "drop the bomb"...

Sorry, didn't see this because you're posting from an open relay
listed in RSS, so it went into a spam folder.

You might want to talk to your mail provider or something.

> The other issue is that this isn't just C&W vs FNSI. The word on the
> street is that C&W is engaged in a "Kamikazee Peering" strategy in
> order to boost transit revenues. Rumor has it that other recipients
> of the C&W nasty-gram include Level 3, Telia, NetRail, XO, and Verio.
> There are certain to be others as well. I can't swear on a stack of
> bibles that these folks have gotten the letter, but that's the story,
> at least. If true, then we are talking about a reasonable chunk of
> the commodity Internet.

Yes, this is a different game.

> #3 - Well, I doubt it. At least one ISP has already crumbled and
> agreed to a settlement with C&W.

> #4 - Yep. C&W's actions and the resulting disruptions in service that
> we'll see because of them, over the next 30 days, mark a new chapter
> in peering disputes. Should be interesting to see how it all pans
> out. 

It would be nice if this action did end up hurting C&W more than
any other individual provider...  will it?  Depends on who crumbles

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