Traffic per Prefix Length

David Schwartz davids at
Sun May 6 03:18:51 UTC 2001

> Interesting ... Do you think that this will give you any useful
> information?
> I would be more interested in how far packets go. Not in networks
> terms but
> in real distance. Next would be to go further up the stack and
> see if there
> is a difference in protocols (i.e www compared to dns).
> -- Arnold

	Actually, I had some interest in this same information. One thing I was
thinking about is some routers that don't have the memory to hold a full BGP
table. They need a default route for traffic to blocks not in their tables,
but it would be interesting to work out an optimized filter to decide which
routes to send them. One theory is to send them the routes to the largest
blocks in the hopes that these will tend to get you the most packets for the
routing table byte.


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