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Grace, Terry tgrace at
Sun May 6 02:09:32 UTC 2001

This is my first post to the list so please be gentle. :) If this is an
inappropriate forum for this question, pointers to a more appropriate
resource would be appreciated.

My company is a Canada's largest daily newspaper in Toronto, ON, CA and
currently has multihomed T3's to UUNet and PSI. Due to PSI's financial
status, management has decreed we develop a contigency plan that would
involve replacing PSI. Currently, the majority of our traffic is local
(southern Ontario) with 70% of our visitors using dialup. We provide
internet services (bandwidth, hosting, security, etc) for a number of our
sister papers as well.

Can anyone offer advice with regards to an alternative provider? We have
short listed AT&T and Sprint who are offering burstable services on OC3 and
DS3, respectively. If anyone is currently running a multihomed  config with
UUNet and either AT&T or Sprint, your experiences (good or bad) would be

TIA for any advice.

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