HR 1542

Joe McGuckin joe at
Sat May 5 22:46:41 UTC 2001

Charles Sprickman <spork at> wrote:
> Adelphia is not a regulated public utility, that's the difference.
> If you want to see some serious battle over this issue, check the various
> Dingell/Tauzin threads at
> My basic argument is that the copper is more of a public resource.  ATT
> was granted a monopoly way back when, and the ILECs have certainly
> recouped all their costs on that particular resource.  Adelphia did not
> inherit their cable plant, and is likely still paying it off.
> The ILECs can refuse to resell other elements, but the copper really
> should remain and unbundled element.  The best (and most unlikely) remedy
> I've seen is to put all the copper under control of a neutral third party
> through which both the ILECs and CLECs would order lines...

Commonly known as 'structural seperation'...


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