GSR Route Reflector: maximum number of clients?

Alan Hannan alan at
Wed May 2 04:30:13 UTC 2001

  Something like 40 iBGP peering sessions should be doable in most 
  circumstances.  Mileage will vary significantly as a function

		physical topology
		RR Topology
		policy (routes, dampening, etc..)
		.. and other things
  Adding a tertiary box such as a 7206 or some such box as a BGP
  route reflector may work fine -- but can give rise to improper
  routing information. (esp. wrt route selection)

  In general, one wants the routing information (control plane)
  to follow the forwarding path (data plane) as closely as 


Thus spake James DeMong (James.DeMong at
 on or about Tue, May 01, 2001 at 01:31:27PM -0600:
> I have a GSR 12008 that is acting as a route reflector and core router. 
> What is the practical maximum (from an operational standpoint) number of
> clients it can support? (My Cisco sources  tell me that the maximum
> technically possible is large and does not significantly impact the
> operation the forwarding of the GSR.)
> In terms of manageability and simplicity, is it more favourable to have a
> separate box (e.g. 7206 VXR) handle the route reflector job?
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
> James
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