terminal server recommendation

Charles Sprickman spork at inch.com
Wed May 2 01:28:12 UTC 2001

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Martin, Christian wrote:

> The Xylogics/Bay/Nortel Remote Annex 4000 can support up tp 72 console
> ports, and has a great menu interface with great EIA-232 functionality.

Eh?  Unless they've added command completion and history, I have to
disagree there...  Add to that that they don't self-boot and that you
can't save your config off the box.  And you will *not* just set the thing
up in a half hour.

> Ports don't hang, they reset on time, etc.  They use amphenol connectors
> across 25 pair which makes for easy punchdowns and cross-connects.

The amphenols have a nasty habit of not seating properly, especially when
the box is in a cabinet and some cables have to go upwards rather than
down...  And when they're half-in, or not perfectly level you one day find
you can reach four of your six devices...

And there's no ssh.

> One caveat - they are EOL....

Thank God :)

But the code seems to have lived on for a while in the Bay 5300 access
servers.  I think only Concentric bought into that sham though.  Some evil
things just cannot be killed by normal means.  Although a good "ping -s
1500" directed at an attached PPP user will render it useless until you

Perhaps it's because I'm still forced to use them since we have them left
over from when they were dialup PPP servers or something, but I like them
less than stinky cheese.  I do get a bit nostalgic because it was the
first thing I ever "su'd" on, and it does have a BSD code base.  But I
certainly would recommend anything else over an Annex.

BTW, wanna buy one?  I've got a spare 4000 and two Annex 3's, and a box
full of octopus cable...



> chris
> >
> > I would like to deploy a terminal server in several of my
> > POPs, however cost
> > is a slight issue. Can anyone on the list recommend a fairly
> > inexpensive
> > terminal server (besides Cisco)? Obviously the terminal
> > server should be
> > reliable and work - it is the little things that count.
> >
> > chas
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