terminal server recommendation

Martin, Christian cmartin at gnilink.net
Tue May 1 23:33:25 UTC 2001

One other thing.  The Cisco 3660 can support 164 console ports with 5 of the
4x8async NMs.  Needs octopus cables, but with that kind of density a
patch-panel cross-connect system would be required (unless you are building
out 1-RU devices).  Supports all the nice Cisco features, but will cost


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> I would like to deploy a terminal server in several of my 
> POPs, however cost 
> is a slight issue. Can anyone on the list recommend a fairly 
> inexpensive 
> terminal server (besides Cisco)? Obviously the terminal 
> server should be 
> reliable and work - it is the little things that count.
> chas
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