Web Based "BGP Toolkit" and "Peering Analysis"

Stephen Griffin stephen.griffin at rcn.com
Tue May 1 05:09:41 UTC 2001

In the referenced message, Randy Neals said:
> I found this web site has some interesting tools which can generate
> routing reports and suggested BGP configs from a database containing
> Route Table, RADB and Registry Data.
> http://www.netconfigs.com/
> The interesting stuff is under "AS Peering Analysis" and "Cisco BGP
> Config Toolkit".
> (I have no affiliation with this web page.)
> Regards,
> Randy

They are spammers, and hence should be avoided. They suggested (if I remember
their pitch correctly) routing to destinations on the internet _through_

No offense, but your message (including the "I have no affiliation" statement)
looks like more spam for/from them.

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