black hat .cn networks

mike harrison meuon at
Tue May 1 01:36:38 UTC 2001

> > Oh for the love of god, 15 web sites get defaced and it's suddenly worth
> > trying to deny internet access to a billion people?
> Really; statistically, it'd make more sense to block .com and .net.

Agreed. Although I did spend some time today going over DDOS
and other attack response methods with my people. I figure
if I were Chinese, I'd be relayed into some clueless newbies new
1+ghz pentium with a fresh RedHat 7.0 install on a fast
connection INSIDE the US and then relay into other boxen from there
before really attacking. It may be a busy week, what about the
native 'elite' that decide this is the perfect cover for rampant

Remember when you trusted people on the 'net just a little bit?

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