telnet vs ssh on Core equipment , looking for reasons why ?

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Tue Jul 31 21:20:50 UTC 2001

Actually, we do this now for our VPN users. Cisco Secure ACS 2.6 for NT
proxies authentication requests to an ACE/Server 5.0 (works with 4.1 as
well). Fairly stright forward to set up. I believe you can get evals of both
products. Both servers have replication partners for redundancy and sit in a
firewall DMZ. VPN users must log into a VPN web site using their tokens to
obtain the VPN client. 

Gonna try this with our routers RSN.

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I've been thinking of doing precisely this...  Any pointers to info on
something like this?  I haven't researched it much yet (busy with IDS


> "Grace, Terry" wrote:
> Here's an alternative that might work. Authenticate via Radius which
> in turn proxies the authentication request to a SecurId server. With
> one time passwords, who cares if they get sniffed? You also get the
> benefit of having your Radius server being able to do
> accounting/access control on the sessions as well.
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