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Fri Jul 27 23:13:10 UTC 2001

Broadwing sold me two local PRI's for dial-in back in mid Sept.  After missing
two "firm completion dates" (with associated penalties) they decided that they
couldn't deliver what the sold to me unless I was willing to pay them 5c per
minute for all of the calls since they couldn't support my local phone number,
only an 800 number.

This was weeks after the PRI's were installed.  The sales rep kept assuring me
that everything was OK, right up to the end.  All of their order processing
people signed off on it too.

In short, they wasted 5 months of my time (and about 40 hours personally which
I spent with them troubleshooting the PRI installation which had 4 separate
bugs on their end).  They even had the nerve to send me a first month's bill,
and it was at a higher rate than I had signed for!

Now they are saying that they will be generous and let ME out of the contract. 
It seems that an addendum has surfaced in which I agreed to the long distance
charges.  Only problem is that the signature on the page is not mine.  

Three months after the whole affair was over, a lawyer called to collect on
bills which they haven't even been sending to me.

Bottom line:  Totally incompetent sales rep, order processor, and office
manager.  Slowest internal processing I've ever seen (the 2nd "expedited" order
took longer than the 1st!).  Lots of technical problems.  A billing department
without a clue.  And apparently someone who is willing to commit fraud to boot.

Perhaps your luck will be better.


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