OT: is it possible for an individual (not a business) to get a valid SSL certificate

Andrew Brown twofsonet at graffiti.com
Thu Jul 26 15:13:38 UTC 2001

>as such, i can likely get an SSL certificate with just my passport, drivers
>license (as a secondary piece of documentation) and a letter deeming me as
>responsible for the domainname (as my name does not actually exist as the
>registrant, but i am the admin contact).

a letter from whom to whom?  a company that places faith in a letter
they ask you to write yourself is just poor in my eyes.

 me:	i need to do so-and-so.
 them:	and how do we know you're qualified to do that?
 me:	i have a letter that i wrote to myself that says i am.
 them:	oh, very well.


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