product liability (was 'we should all be uncomfortable with the extent to which luck..')

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	But, as someone mentioned, microsoft is marketing high security

	If someone breaks into your business (your door was unlocked,
despite the fact the security system said that all the doors were
locked (as advertised)) and does damage that causes you to lose 250k,
you could/should go after the security company..

	Leaving your door unlocked doesn't preclude the criminal from being
arrested, but if you purchased a lock under the belief it worked, and
it doesn't, and that caused you damages, then the lockmaker is open
to liability.

	Now, in the real world, you'd have INSURANCE to cover this, and I
have a hunch we'll start to see more people insuring against

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At 04:14 PM 7/25/2001, Dan Hollis wrote:
>Microsoft is advertising "high security padlocks", but is instead 
>selling locks that dont work at all.

I actually talked to an intellectual property attorney about this
just in passing, but his remark was

"Microsoft is not responsible for someone else committing criminal 
acts.  If you leave your house unlocked, that doesn't mean it is NOT 
breaking and entering if someone comes in and steals things."

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