The large ISPs and Peering

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Wed Jul 25 12:19:12 UTC 2001

On Tue, Jul 24, 2001 at 07:50:04PM -0700, Peering Resistance wrote:
> 1) What are the selected sites?

Doesn't matter.

> 2) How do the rest of us play?

You don't, unless they invite you.

> 3) Why wasn't this process more open?

It doesn't need to be.

If it is collusion for a few ISP's to get together in one location
and peer then well, anyone at a PAIX, a MAE, a Telehouse, or any
number of other locations is guilty of colluding with other people
at the same location.  There is a long tradition of ISP's meeting
somewhere in the middle, it's just often been hidden in telco
circuits (each side buys a half circuit to some telco meeting point
in the middle).  Now they are putting routers in the middle meeting
point, what changed, nothing.

If anything this is good for the small ISP, because before you had
to be a telco and be able to deliver half circuits to a telco
meeting point to get good peering.  Now there is some hope that
requirement would be minimized in the future.

Next thing you know the fact that Ford and GM both make cars that
run on Unleaded Gas and force you to buy from these central
distrubution points run by Exxon/Mobil will be because they are
colluding against the people making {natural gas,electric,fuel
cell} cars.

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