Code Red on dial-in ppp

Chris Adams cmadams at
Sat Jul 21 18:09:06 UTC 2001

Once upon a time, Jason A. Mills <phyxis at> said:
> I'm not sure I see why a POTS PPP link, or some other slow(er) on demand
> link might stop CodeRed. The first-pass payload is under 4096 bytes
> including framing, not exactly something you need a lot of low-latency
> bandwidth to push through. :-/

I don't think the issue is bandwidth.  The issue is that the reports
being sent out say such-and-such IP is infected without giving a time
stamp (I got one of the reports as well).  Without the time of the
attack, the IP address is absolutely useless, as a hundred users may
have had that IP in the last couple of days.

In my case, out of two dozen hosts reported, all but two were dialup or
DSL IPs, making the report mostly worthless without times.

I don't mean to criticize, because obviously some folks put in a lot of
effort, and it is useful information (especially if you don't have
dialup hosts).  Just in my case (at least), it wasn't much help.

Interesting to note that the one host from our IP space that hit one of
our servers was NOT in the report I received.  We had over 21,000 hosts
try this on our (Unix/Apache) web servers.  Is someone collecting logs
to generate reports?
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