Cogent Reviews?

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These were quotes from Cogent? Or another provider?


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Hello David,

In my deelings with co-lo.. Quotes that I have gotten in the past were
around $1000 for a 100mbps feed. But in the fine context of the quotes its
up to 10mbps then price increases based upon usage above the 10mbps.  Not
sure if yours is like that so read the fine print.


On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, David E. Weekly wrote:

> Hi, all. I'm looking to start a non-profit community colocation facility
> Silicon Valley, and it seemed to me that Cogent Communications had the
> deal on getting a big chunk of bandwidth ($1000/months for 100mbps).
> Are there comparable deals out there, or is Cogent the only one at this
> price point? Do they have good peering? What kind of latency/throughput
> one get over their network? Do they have any customers? Any of you use
> Cogent?
> Thanks *so* much for any of your input; we're hoping to keep costs way
> any input on this would be much appreciated.
> Yours,
>  -david

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