Apparent widespread Worldcom ATM failure

ben hubbard nanog at
Thu Jul 19 03:37:21 UTC 2001  seems now, at long last, to have something
posted on it. We've got a site in maryland that went down around 5pm-ish

eastern today with them, which is fairly close to the 5:15 that CNN was
reporting for the train incident. Maybe coincidence, but then again....

Anyway from : Fiber Cut affecting many North East

cities in the US. No ETR yet.  Reference CNS RFO ticket 418065

Sean Donelan wrote:

> On Wed, 18 July 2001, George William Herbert wrote:
> > My home/consulting business ISP and my current work
> > ISP's connectivity have been bit by what appears on first
> > examination to be a Worldcom ATM failure starting about
> > 2 hours ago (12:45 PST or so).  It appears to be affecting
> > stuff as widely spread as both west and east coast and
> > connecting circuits.
> Does Worldcom have any websites updating the status of
> their ATM network?  The UUNET site has no mention of this,
> but worldcom's networks aren't very integrated, so it was
> possible the uunet portion of worldcom was unaffected.

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