Correction: 209.177-222 Reverse DNS

Larry Rosenman ler at
Wed Jul 18 15:30:18 UTC 2001


I just got off the phone with ARIN after discovering some incorrectly 
delegated zones. We (Internet America) have
and all of a sudden reverses weren't working. 

ARIN mistyped a transfer yesterday and got the 2nd Octet wrong. 

Verado, Inc (NET-VERADO-DC26)   VERADO-DC26 -
Verado, Inc (NET-VERADO-DC27)   VERADO-DC27 -
Internet America, Inc. (NET-IA-CR-2) IA-CR-2 -

They have corrected the database, and the next zone load should fix it. 

I thought others in the NANOG community might want to know. 

Larry Rosenman
Sr. Network Engineer
Internet America, Inc. 
350 N. St. Paul, Suite 3000
Dallas, TX 75201


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