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Does anyone have an list equivalent to the list below for MAE-Central?


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Subject: Open Peers at PAIX

What follows is a list I compiled of organizations at PAIX who peer without
restrictions.  Restrictions are "requirements" like nationwide or
international OC-48 backbone, 45Mbit minimum traffic, four geographically
disparate peering locations, bicoastal peering, and a standing seat on the
Trilateral Commission.  These restrictions are impossible for a small
network like my own to fill.  Usually by the time I am financially able to
meet these restrictions, new ones have been crafted in their place.

This list was compiled after an exaustive attempt to contact and peer with
everyone participating at PAIX.  The PAIX organization is unable to compile
such a list, as it would violate their neutrality.  I, however, am
interested in peering with anyone and anything at PAIX, and I would presume
that most networks who have made an investment to get there, would actually
want to utilize their equipment.  Without rehashing the endless debate on
open peering, I believe it is more productive to promote the networks who
are open peers, so time is not wasted filling out NDA's and applications
only to be told, "No."

I have only listed participants who are actively peering with me now.
Several are still awaiting equipment and transit and have reacted positively
to my requests.  Also, I have not listed a particular network whom with I
have peered for over two years.  They have decided to place a "bicoastal
restriction" on peering, and they are actually going through and depeering
with former peers.  This hasn't happened to me yet, but I'd imagine after
this email, they'll accelerate their isolation.

If anyone has any corrections or additions to this list, please email them
to me directly.  I will send this list to NANOG periodically unless there
are major objections.

Organization		IP address	AS#	Email contact

Vixie Enterprises	 3557	noc at
AboveNet	 6461	noc at Santa Cruz	 4436	admin at
Exodus	 3967	peering at
Hurricane Electric	 6939	mleber at
U-Net	 5669	aid at
ValuServe	 6123	noc at
Global Crossing	 3549	peering at
I.Net Technologies	 3976	noc at
Lightning Internet	 6427	noc at
Critical Path	10627	wayne at
WebTV	 6469	soc at
XMission	 6315	peering at
DACOM Corporation	 3786	peering at
Maxim Computer Systems	11388	peering at
PFM Communications	 4513	help at
SingTel	 7473	peering at
Zocalo	  715	peering at
KDDNet	 2516	peering at
WinterLAN	 5081	noc at
Hanaro Telecom	 9318	peering at
Hotmail	12076	dmcgilli at
ViaNetWorks	 7091	noc at
Open Data Network	 4725	as-admin at
Digital Island	 6553	mrose at
StarNet	 6316	peering at
Electronic Arts	14891	rcortez at
Sunrise Communications	 6730	helpdesk at
Open Data Network	 4725	as-admin at
Advanced Telcom Group	 6971	peering at
DirecTV Broadband	12050	peering at
Nominum	17204	peering at
Thrunet	 9277	noc at
Akamai	12222	peering at
One Call Communications	 6402	rirving at
SITA Equant	 2647	Juan.Vadillo at
Compaq	   33	noc at
Compaq	   33	noc at
Internet Mainstreet	 3856	woody at
RSNG	  178	rsngpeer at
RSNG	  178	rsngpeer at

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