When will 128M not be enough?

Bill Woodcock woody at zocalo.net
Sat Jul 14 17:33:13 UTC 2001

    > I'm trying to convince someone NOT to use a Cisco 2650 for BGP
    > multihoming, and my argument will, IMO, be a bit more effective if
    > I can say "you'll need to replace it within X months/years"...

You're doing the wrong thing.  The 2650 can hold 8-10 full views
currently, and it's my guess that it will continue to be adequate for at
least 24 months.  It costs about $3K.  The alternative is a 7206VXR.
Let's posit that that would cost $30K and last for four years.  The cost
of the 7206 is thus five times higher than simply buying appropriate
technology and upgrading as necessary.  Plus if you upgrade over time, you
get to have new technology in the future, rather than being stuck with
what will seem like an old clunker for several years.


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