When will 128M not be enough?

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Sat Jul 14 14:55:12 UTC 2001

It looks like some recent aggregation has been helping to slow down the
growth.  In any case, I've got 48MB (out of 128MB) free with 2 full views
and very little else (a few ACLs, OSPF) on a 7204VXR.

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Christopher A. Woodfield wrote:

> Is there any research out there that tries to estimate how long it will be 
> before BGP routers with 128M of RAM start to choke on the routing table? I 
> know there are a lot of factors - the number of BGP peers, how much "other 
> stuff" the router is doing, etc. - I'm really looking for a ballpark 
> estimate, if one exists. 
> I'm trying to convince someone NOT to use a Cisco 2650 for BGP 
> multihoming, and my argument will, IMO, be a bit more effective if 
> I can say "you'll need to replace it within X months/years"...
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