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Richard A. Steenbergen ras at
Fri Jul 13 05:18:20 UTC 2001

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Jonas Luster wrote:

> * Richard A. Steenbergen sez:
> : > This is flamebait.  Don't send crap to a huge list and you won't receive
> : > replies on it.
> : 
> : Adam, you were more respectable as a packet kiddie then in your fake
> Look who's drooli^Wspeaking.
> To hear you talk about respect makes me want to vomit.

Ok, I'm going to lay this out once and for all and from then on you can
take your packet warrior shit and stuff it.

As has been mentioned on here before, the "0 day elite packet juarez" I'm
allegidly responsible for is stream.c. I wrote the core for a former
employer to test Cisco equipment for failure modes and improve filtering.
A coworker stole and released the code as "stream.c" 6 months later, as
"packet juarez". I came forward and admitted I knew the origins of this
code, and proceeded to educate people on how to stop it.

I'm sorry if your empty braindead little packet warrior obsessed mind
can't understand this, but there it is. I've done more to stop DoS then
you ever will. You on the other hand seem to be obsessed. I took a quick
look through NANOG archives and I havn't been able to find a SINGLE post
by you that wasn't content-less and related to DoS. I'd suggest you get a
life, the only person obsessed here is you.

As for your personal comments against me, I've been refraining from
commenting publicly but you have now flapped your mouth once too many
times. I have never talked to you or met you to my knowledge, so I'm
assuming you're hearing crap from your efnet-obsessed whore wife. All I
can say is I feel sorry for you. This is the last time I will engage in a
public debate in this subject, so if you would be so kind I'd like you to
provide ANY evidence that I have ANY involvement with packeting ANYTHING.
What? Nothing? Then sit down and shut up.

My appologies to the list for EFNet psychos in general at this point.

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