DDoS attacks

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That's obviously a big issue, but not unaddressable...most countries have
laws against this sort of thing.  At some point, somebody's going to deal
with an unresponsive government by blackholing entire regions...certain
APNIC blocks come to mind.  Any network where DDoS perpetrators can
operate with impunity will eventually be considered too dangerous to NOT

We haven't arrived at that point yet because A) DDoS attacks haven't
gotten so out of hand that it's stopping big businesses in their tracks
continuously (but it may, soon) and B) At this point, NONE of the
governments (including the US) are sufficiently responsive to the point
where any particular region could be blackholed (but this will change as
point A changes) to any effect.

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Alexei Roudnev wrote:

> One important notice - most of this kiddies are not from USA.
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> > 
> > > I can't help but believe that if even 20% of them
> > > were caught and had to spend just a little time (even hours) with the
> > > cops, and had their peecees confiscated, you'd not be seeing 
> > > nearly the problems we are now.

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