DDoS attacks

Jon Mansey jon at interpacket.net
Thu Jul 12 17:46:18 UTC 2001

At 11:54 PM -0400 7/11/01, John Fraizer wrote:
>On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Jon O . wrote:
>>  This is pathetic. Someone asks for help and you demean them with jokes.
>Who was joking?  I wasn't.  I suppose that we should all start posting
>"HELP ME!" posts to NANOG instead of sending an email to/calling the NOC
>of networks with which we are having issues with DIRECTLY.


Have you ever tried emailing or calling the NOC of a Korean NSP for assistance?

We recently ahem, "entertained" a huge (100Kpps +) DDOS from Korean 
IPs. Even UUnet couldnt block it. We lost that $30k/m customer.

Anyone have the email address for the KrNOG list :-)



>All the
>original poster did was add to the impact of the attack in question.  The
>attackers can now say, "Look!  We kicked SO MUCH BUTT THAT THEY HAD TO GO
>>  your own network. However, I'm concluding from the type of behavior
>>  displayed that most of you manage nothing larger than a couple T-1s.
>Think what you like.  I'm sure it isn't the first you've been wrong and
>most likely won't be the last.
>>  There is no solution to this problem.
>OK.  No solution?  If that is the case, why are you wasting your time
>posting about it?
>If I had posted the message the original poster did, I would have FULLY
>expected to be blasted/flamed/laughed at.  What is your point?
>>Both of you are in my shitheads for life book and the only way to get out
>>is to apologize to the poster, CC: nanog and ask a good question about
>>the attacks so that we might all learn something.
>The last time I checked, direct attacks and the use of foul language were
>both in violation of the NANOG AUP (Item #4).  I believe it is YOU who
>owes an apology.  [Note:  Get him Sue!]
>John Fraizer
>EnterZone, Inc

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